Statues, Political Correctness, and Historical Presentism

History must be preserved and remembered if future generations are to avoid the mistakes of the past.


The Dangers of Utopianism and the Fallibility of Man

Utopianism, at its core, is the pursuit of an unattainable perfect society; and in the pursuit it does not matter if morality, principle, and even human life are sacrificed for the so-called "greater good". This is a concept that must be rejected not just by conservatives, but all mankind.

Emmanuel Macron: France’s Salvation or its Downfall?

During the second round of the Presidential Election, it was the height of irony when the "leftist" Macron was advocating for free markets, while "right wing" Le Pen wanted more government control over the economy. On June 18th, 2017, newly-elected President of France, Emmanuel Macron, finalized his victory over the French establishment with a sweeping … Continue reading Emmanuel Macron: France’s Salvation or its Downfall?