On April 26th, Kevin O’Leary announced an end to his candidacy for leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada, and endorsed frontrunner Maxime Bernier. Prior to his exit from the race, the leadership candidate was vigorously criticized by Canadian conservatives – including Modern Conservative Journalwho labelled O’Leary an “unfit opportunist.” It is now safe to say that any doubts one may have regarding O’Leary’s character should be disproven by his endorsement of Maxime Bernier.

O’Leary selflessly withdrew his candidacy, citing his inability to win a general election against Justin Trudeau due to a lack of francophone support. As of late April, both Bernier and O’Leary were clear frontrunners for the Leadership election. However, O’Leary’s inability to converse in french and a general lack of support in Bernier’s home province of Quebec were two strong strikes against the Canadian business mogul.

The previously termed “opportunist” endorsed fellow frontrunner Bernier, multiplying his support from party members. With Bernier’s sensible policies and wide-spread support across Canada, he is the best candidate to defeat Trudeau come 2019. Unbelievably O’Leary’s actions were in the best interest of Conservatives and Canada. Kevin O’Leary has undoubtedly disproven any criticisms related to his lack of support for the Conservative Party and the future of Canada.


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