Easy now. Breathe. Chin up. Let’s go.

A week ago today, Trump officially became President. Here we go.

Is this good? Bad? Well, it is a little of both. On the bright side, Hillary Clinton lost, and we will not see another 4 to 8 years of an Obama-esque administration. However, there is a serious risk being taken on by the Republican Party; the risk of having Conservatism distorted.

But how justified are these fears of Trump? Well, on the Conservative side of the aisle, considerably so. Over the last year, the voices of notable Conservative thinkers have been silenced by Trump’s supporters, and replaced with real-life functioning boogeymen in the form of the’Alt-Right’; figures so formulaically accurate to how the Left characterizes the Right that Elizabeth Warren could not, in a lab, create a more useful straw man or Frankenstein monster if she tried.

This does not bode well for the future of the Republican party, and thus Conservatives, since now when the Left deems the Right as racist, evil, and fascist, they have a movement to point to.

On the Left, however, these fears of Donald Trump are insultingly inconsistent. The Left’s fear of Donald Trump as President stems from the amount of Executive overreach that although may have been initiated by George W. Bush, was made mainstream to the Presidency by Barack Obama.

In an ideal world, the power of the Presidency would be so limited that someone the likes of Kim Jong-un could be elected, and the public would not even have to think about their rights being taken away, their liberty capped, or their lives severely altered by government.

The silver-lining to the catastrophe of this election is that perhaps, now, the Left will be in favour of limiting the power of the President in the same way Conservatives are. The likelihood of bi-partisan consensus has never been so high, and Conservatives should be thankful for that.

The office of the Presidency was never intended to be the elected dictatorial position it is today.

And now, moving forward.

He has only been President for a week, and he has already began to sign executive order after executive order. The response from (most of) the Right has been beyond disappointing. The same folks that spent eight years railing against the President for his overreach, are now praising Trump for doing the same thing.

This is not how it is supposed to work.

Are these executive orders good? Yes. Should they be achieved through executive order? Of course not. If the Right aims to retain any credibility, they cannot be hypocritical on this issue. Sure, the Left is hypocritical for supporting overreach under Obama but crying about it under Trump. But you do not fight fire with fire, and you do not shrink government by strengthening it.

There is a golden opportunity present to limit the power of government. Most Republicans want to, and the entire Left does as well. The only person standing in the way is Donald Trump.

Until Trump uses his Republican House and Senate, and stops using his pen, he will not be supportable – no matter what his policies are.



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