In a piece published on The Rebel by Josh Eisen titled If you want to sound like a Leftist, just keep using the word “cuck”, Eisen discusses what he calls “an intellectual decline on the Right.” He could not possibly be more correct; it’s unfortunate, but it’s true.

A reason for Pessimism. Currently, the loudest faction among the Right is far more obsessed with memes than political philosophy. As a result, the modern right has substituted bon mots for ad hominem attacks, vulgarity, and cartoons.

It is fair to criticize the recently discovered species of ‘Social Justice Warrior’ that has permeated the Left; a faction of young, radical, cultural Marxists, who scream “racist,” “sexist,” and other buzzwords when cornered. However, the same can be said about the Right. “Globalist,” “RINO,” and “Cuck” have become the go-to weapons of the Alt-Right. And, for the most part, the Alt-Right tends to focus their fire on other Conservatives with whom they disagree with.

Conservatives – real Conservatives of the Goldwater essence – should not give the Alt-Right a free pass simply because they occasionally criticize the Left so we do not have to. Instead, we should point out the nonsense of pundits and figures such as Milo Yiannopoulos and Richard Spencer. See “Donald Trump and the Death of the GOP): “Conservatives have spent years trying to convince the public that they are not racist; and in one election cycle, Donald Trump has reaffirmed the “Crypto-Nazi” Caricature of the GOP first coined by Gore Vidal during those 1968 debates,” and the Alt-Right does the same.

It is clear that factions on both the Right and Left are shifting as a result of the recent election. ‘The Establishment’ on both sides – as they are vaguely referred to – have been ousted in favour of Communists on the Left, and Fascists on the Right.

What a world, what a world.



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