With the United States Election less than a day away, an important question has been pressed on the Right with the utmost of force – to be For Trump, or to be Against Trump.

Over the last year, this question has divided the Right, and among it caused a civil war so extreme that American right-leaning figures such as Bill Kristol and Alex Jones seem to be a mere hair away from engaging in a fist fight.

Among the Anti-Trump camp one finds National Review; the Weekly Standard; and Ben Shapiro, to name a few. In the opposite, Breitbart News; Alex Jones; and the most influential Right Wing news site in Canada, The Rebel, curmudgeonly stew in realization that the first camp of Trump-dissenters and denouncers exist.

Our own online publication is not immune to the divisive infection imposed onto the right by Trump’s candidacy. I count myself among the first camp along with Dylan Hannah, while both Matt Fullerton and Ben Johnstone have made clear that their devotion to stopping Hillary Clinton outweighs their disdain for Trump. A clear 50/50 split.

But what causes Conservatives and Republicans to be so divided on this question?

Well, in short, there is not really a ‘one size fits all’ answer. Instead of thinking of the issue as one question, it is easier to imagine it as many questions. For one, does Donald Trump possess the character that we, as Conservatives, want in a Republican nominee for President? Or alternatively, is he fit to be President, and does he have the skills required to govern virtuously and appropriately? And finally, does he have political positions that we agree with? Is Donald Trump a Conservative like us?

Many on my side of the fence say no to not just one, but all previously mentioned questions.

We accept the argument for stopping Hillary and respect it, we just do not share it. We accept the argument for securing the next three or so spots on the Supreme Court, we, however, do not see it as more important than preserving the character of the Republican Party. We accept the argument that Donald Trump is the lesser of two evils, and we agree. However, we do not believe that being merely ‘not as bad as the Democrats’ meets the standard for what is required in the Republican nominee for President.

With the deciding moments of the election being just hours away, there is pressure for those on our side to cave, and pledge support to Trump. However, those who resist this temptation will find themselves on the right side of the 2016 election, I am sure.

She is unfit, and so is he. Neither of them should be voted for by anyone, let alone us: those who find ourselves in opposition to both candidates out of principle.



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