If Americans truly want the next president to be a woman, Carly Fiorina would have been a much better choice.

Evening readers,

I apologize for the lengthy delay of my first article. I am excited to join the talented writers here at Modern Conservative Journal. I am currently on a return flight to Halifax as I write this piece, following a lengthy conversation with my ultra-conservative father on the drive to the Hamilton, Ontario airport. We discussed many things but, to summarize, our conversation was on the current political climate of the western world and the importance of this upcoming American presidential election.

I believe our world is at a precipice. After years of a Democratic regime in the White House, our world is in flames. Due to President Obama’s ‘apologize first, show strength never’ foreign policy, we see the Middle East in chaos; we see Russia flexing its muscles in both Eastern Europe and Syria; and we see the EU facing terrorism at an alarming rate while nation after nation sees its economy deteriorate.

When we look at the domestic United States, where race relations are as bad as ever, trust in police is at an all time low, and two utterly ridiculous candidates are the nominees of both major political parties, we see more failure under Obama. The world is falling apart, and whether you believe in an American Global Police Force or not, we need a strong America to right the ship.

At the beginning of this current presidential election, I was excited considering the excellent array of candidates in the Republican primary. Bobby Jindal, Rand Paul, Chris Christie (despite his crackdown on orthopaedic sales practices), Carly Fiorina and my personal favourite, Scott Walker, had me looking to the future hopefully. I had high hopes for the Republican nominee. I was sure that whoever it would be could fix the numerous issues that have developed since the beginning of the Obama Administration.

If Americans truly want the next president to be a woman, Carly Fiorina would have been a much better choice.

A consequence of that saturated primary is that Donald J. Trump was able to become the GOP’s nominee; a disappointment compared to the many strong candidates who were available. However, since the very beginning of this 2016 presidential race, my primary goal for the Republican candidate was to defeat Hillary Clinton, and this is what I will be writing this piece on.

It was apparent that Hillary Clinton would eventually be coronated as the Democratic Party’s nominee, and that she would be a quite an opponent despite her shortcomings. The corrupt super delegate system handed it to her after a valiant effort by Bernie Sanders. Sanders, who somehow is labeled an outsider despite him being a career politician, later sold out to Clinton and is now just another irrelevant socialist.

Hillary Clinton, thanks to the left-wing wing media bias, has been delivered both the minority vote and the women’s vote; both of which would be served better by voting red. The ‘time for change’ attitude that calls for electing the first woman president, following having elected the first black president, has been the wind behind her sails since the beginning. I, personally, would love to see a woman in the White House, just not her. If Americans truly want the next president to be a woman, Carly Fiorina would have been a much better choice.

Hillary Clinton is as corrupt as she is an insider, and my friends, she is the epitome of insider politicians. “What corruption?” you may ask, well, the Benghazi scandal has somehow been forgotten, she has completely gotten away from her email scandal, and the fact that she is married to a man who was more harmful to women than any Republican nominee ever is completely left out of the conversation.

In 2012 the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya was attacked and destroyed by Islamic radicals resulting in the death of ambassador Chris Stevens and the loss of three other American lives. To save Obama’s re-election campaign, it was chalked up to protests turned violent over an American directors movie (which didn’t exist). This was done because Barack Hussein Obama had just said that Al Qaeda was on the run and if a terrorist attack just killed an ambassador and three other Americans, that would render his statement untrue . As head of the State Department, Hillary Clinton lied to protect the President and herself. She lied to the families of the victims and she lied to the American people about the death of an Ambassador! We know that Chris Stevens was informing State Department officials, including Clinton’s chief of staff about the security situation from emails found on Hillary’s private server (which will be discussed later). The United Kingdom withdrew their entire staff and closed their office after their ambassador was attacked with a rocket, Hillary Clinton knew the security risks of keeping Americans in Libya and weighed Obama’s re-election campaign as more import than American lives.

Next we come to the topic of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. Now for the purposes of this article let’s say that all 30,000 emails were of personal nature (which they were not) this does not change the facts. Hillary, against federal law had a government server installed at her home which she was using for the State Department. If you look at the similar case involving General Petraeus who was as risk of losing a star and had to pay a one hundred thousand dollar fine, for what you might ask? Well General Petraeus had his record permanently tarnished for releasing classified hard copy documents to his biographer and lover. Now, I am not condoning his actions because he did break the law and was accordingly punished but he one of the greatest American commanders since the second world war! Hillary Clinton had 30,000 documents on an unprotected home server and has had no punishment what so ever. If that wasn’t enough her deletion of these emails after congress subpoenaed them constitutes destruction of evidence. She lied to congress, which is a felony charge on its own. Martha Stewart was jailed for lying to federal investigators about stock fraud let alone classified emails on a personal server, Clinton deserves to be in prison for goodness sake!

I read in the Economist earlier that Trump will jail Clinton if elected, this is a perfect example of the media bias against him. During the second debate he said that under his justice system she would have been imprisoned. Now, we must keep in mind that this would be because she broke the law, not because she was his opponent during the general election. This woman is a criminal and should be nowhere near the democratic nomination, but in today’s left wing world, all bets are off.

Since the release of Trumps nauseating comments 11 years ago on the topic of woman there has been a lot of media focus on how a “predator” became the nominee of a major political party. Now, being a true feminist, I think that his comments were disgusting and I will not forget them. However, we must keep in mind that these comments are 11 years old, but if the left wants to bring up prominent figures who have been disrespectful to women, then let us go no further than HRC’s own husband, the democrats most beloved president in modern history, Bill Clinton. President Clinton (50 at the time) was impeached for lying about sexual relations he had in the oval office with Miss. Lewinsky (23 at the time). This is not the only case, on top of that there are countless accounts of infidelity, sexual harassment and sexual assault that are seemingly irrelevant to democratic voters. Hillary has stated that all women who come forward as rape victims have the right to be believed yet those who came forward against Bill were persecuted by none other than Hillary herself. Paula Jones, one of his accusers was awarded and 850 thousand dollar out of court settlement. She did nothing but discredit his accusers to salvage his and her political ambitions. She and her husband are a menace to women yet these facts are overlooked by the media. It is astounding to me that feminists throw their support for this woman who persecutes women if they pose any threat to her power.

Now for the crowning jewel in the tiara that makes Hillary unfit to be president, the Clinton Foundation and its treasonous corruption. The Clinton Foundation is Bill and Hilary’s charitable organisation which is said to focus charitable funds on issues from climate change to global health, this is all well and good. Charity is one of the greatest perks of a capitalistic society, it allows people to donate their hard-earned money to the organisations of their choosing in order to benefit the common man. The difference between the Clinton Foundation and other charities is that they use the money of others through donations to their own foundation for their own selfish , political purposes. If we look at their contributors we can see foreign governments such as Saudi Arabia, Australia, and Norway to name a few all donating between 10 and 25 million dollars. Countries such as Kuwait and the Netherlands donated between 5 and 10 million dollars to the foundation. We also see American companies such as Google and Cisco donating millions. Foreign billionaires contribute as well such as Nasser Ibrahim Al-Rashid, who is also a royal advisor to the Saudis and Sheik Mohammed Hussein al Amadi. Hillary Clinton as secretary of state took 154 meetings with representatives of private entities, of those 55% had donated a total of 156 million dollars to the foundation. To bring up one nation which has greatly benefitted from being allowed access to Iran after the nuclear deal lifted sanctions on the country is none other than Norway. Norway donated up to 35 million dollars either through grants or by the government itself and now has full access to the Iranian market. In fact, the government just invested 1 billion dollars in developing businesses in Iran. She is practicing pay to play politics, and is quite frankly grossly abusing her power as secretary of state, and as a result is owned by foreign entities.

America is the most important country in the world. Their economy is still the largest in the world, their military, despite Obama’s lack of support, is still the greatest on earth and their political power is unprecedented. The world is a better place when America is at the forefront of global issues. America is the economic, moral, and military leader of the West and for our way of life to continue, the next president of the United States cannot be Hillary Clinton. She is corrupt and owned by foreign powers, she is a hypocrite who cares nothing for the people she claims to represent, all that matters to her is retaining her power. She broke the law repeatedly with no remorse for what she did. She deserves to be in prison for her actions which border on traitorous. She is not fit to lead the United States of America and does not deserve a single vote.


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