The idol of Social Justice Warriors has just been publicly outed as a hypocrite. And it’s oh so beautiful.

Hillary Clinton’s dreaded opponent in the Democratic Primaries this year, and modern face of “democratic socialism”, Bernie Sanders has just purchased a new lakeside home in northern Vermont.

This house, his third, cost the Democrat a whopping $575,000. Now, if you had the pleasure of listening to one of Sander’s hundreds of ‘anti 1%’ speeches throughout 2016 and late 2015, you are most likely shaking your head at the hypocrisy.

Both as a Senator for Vermont, and as a Presidential candidate, Sanders has led a career of criticizing those who have money for being greedy and evil. And yet, the Democrat has not one, not two, but three homes. And for his most recent lakefront purchase, he shelled out half a million dollars.

For example, during a speech in August of 2015, Sanders verbally attacked ‘the 1 %’ who ‘take all the wealth’ and ‘don’t pay their fair share’. These have all become buzzwords within the Sanders’ campaign, and in the Democratic party at large. Notice in the video that when Mr. Sanders remarks “we live in the wealthiest country in the history of the world”, a woman in the back left corner of the screen begins to awkwardly clap until she realizes that no one else is. She must not have gotten the memo that, as a Sanders supporter, you must feel ashamed of your wealth, and pray to Bernie for forgiveness of your financial sin.

Rhetoric like this is all well and good (stupid, but well and good) as long as you ‘walk the walk’. Unfortunately, Bernie is not. If you wish to build a campaign for President on the platform that being wealthy is bad or immoral, then you simply cannot own three homes, one of which costing half a million dollars. Why is the Right the only group calling Sanders out for this? His supporters act passionate about the issue of income equality, and yet are not saying anything about his own financial prosperity.

Do not be confused; I am not attacking Bernie Sanders for being wealthy. I applaud him for doing well for himself. I am merely pointing out that it is hypocritical to take part in so many of the spoils of wealth, if you have earned a living by criticizing others for doing the same.



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