When Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister of Canada, he was entrusted with the authority to handpick an experienced, well-qualified, and level-headed Cabinet. One would hope that a newly-elected Prime Minister would slow down and take his time, assessing which of his recently elected Liberal MPs would make the best Cabinet Ministers. However, he did not. In order to appeal to the same demographic that put him in power, millennials, Trudeau filled his cabinet based on gender, not skill or experience. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with a Cabinet in which both genders are present. The problem with Trudeau’s Cabinet based on gender is that the qualifications of a candidate have taken a backseat to the gender of a candidate.

For example, Maryam Monsef, the recently appointed Minister of Democratic Institutions, is an experience-free 30 year old. Before her instatement, Monsef had never held any government position; and yet, Trudeau appointed her to be the Chief of managing Canadian Democracy.

Monsef’s views on how democracy works are so warped in fact that on May 12th in the House of Commons, she used Twitter impressions as a defense to the Liberals’ recent electoral reform bill. Monsef stated

“Yesterday, the first day we brought forward the conversation on electoral reforms, the hashtag #electoralreform on Twitter alone, garnered nearly 12 million impressions in one day.”

What Monsef fails to realize is that a “Twitter impression” is simply how many times a tweet or hashtag has been seen; it has nothing to do with whether or not the reader agrees or likes the Tweet. A similar and equally ridiculous argument would be that one’s house makes hundreds of impressions in one day. As hundreds of people drive by daily, the house garners hundreds of impressions. But should democracy be decided by who has the prettier house? Of course not, only stupid people would think such a thing. The embarrassing part is that our Minister of Democratic Institutions falls into a similar category of stupidity, delusion, and inexperience.

Trudeau’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Catherine Mckenna, is an equally inexperienced choice for a Cabinet Minister. Despite having a background in law, McKenna lacks political experience. This is McKenna’s first time being elected as a Member of Parliament, let alone being chosen as a Cabinet Minister. On May 14th, McKenna made it clear that she would not be an entirely level-headed Minister. McKenna tweeted “DYK: The Threat of #climatechange is not gender neutral? Women are more vulnerable to the effects of climate change than men.”. Should the Minister of Environment and Climate Change not be more concerned about the “environment and climate change”, rather than the imaginary oppression of climate on women specifically? It is embarrassing beyond words that Trudeau chose Mrs. McKenna as a Cabinet Minister, rather than a real Climatologist. Are there no Liberal MPs who are more qualified to fill the shoes of an Environmental Minister? Can we not do any better than a Liberal politician who runs around screaming that the climate is sexist? But this is just another prime example of the gender-based Cabinet drawn up by Trudeau being ridiculous.

When Canadians elected a “feminist” Prime Minister, did they expect Trudeau to be sexist enough to name a less qualified Cabinet for the sake of “equality”? The idea that a Prime Minister would select an individual because of their sex, despite lacking experience and skill, is sexist. True gender equality would be removing gender from the decision of appointing a Cabinet Minister entirely. Canadians deserve better than the Cabinet they have been given, it’s a shame many of them cannot see that and view Trudeau’s Cabinet as progressive rather than the regressive political stunt it was.


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