If you have opened a computer or turned a television within the last five years, you have probably been told that college campuses are suffering from a rape epidemic. You have most likely been convinced that schools of higher learning have turned into places where rape and sexual assault are occurring at alarming rates. This is, of course, being hastily spewed out by many self-proclaimed “Social Justice Warriors”, along with gender activists, and left-wing politicians.

The misconception that university campuses across North America are plagued with rapists and sex offenders is ludicrous. For example, the most common “fact” being used by Social Justice Warriors on the topic is that “1 in 5 women on campus are raped or sexually assaulted”. This is utter nonsense.

Despite it being false, some politicians are even repeating the lies whether knowingly or not. In 2014, Vice President Joe Biden stated “we know the numbers, 1 in 5 of everyone of those young women, who is dropped off for that first day of school, before they finish school will be assaulted”. Wrong. This statistic is a fabricated lie. TIME Magazine, and the study authors themselves have admitted that the ‘1 in 5 myth’ comes from a study conducted online at only 2 campuses. They also concede that the survey was vaguely worded, anonymous, had none of the claims verified, and that only around 5,000 women participated in it. Since the study’s publication, the authors themselves have even stated that it is inappropriate to use their survey to make such a claim.

Proper, comprehensive data from the United States Bureau of Justice states that about 1 in 52.6 college women over the course of 4 years, will be sexually assaulted or raped. This figure is immensely different than the ‘1 in 5’ statistic claimed by leftists. The same study also claims that women in college are safer than college-aged women not enrolled.

Those who have argue or question the ‘1 in 5’ statement are often labelled as sexist, and are penalized for their opinion. At Scripps College in California, Pulitzer Prize winner George Will was uninvited from speaking on campus due to a column he wrote that questioned the “rape culture” on college campuses. At Harvard, Professor of Law Jeannie Suk stated that students go as far to ask law teachers not to include questions relating to rape or sexual assault law in class, as it might trigger memories. At Brown University students were so traumatized by a debate regarding the topic of rape culture they needed a “safe room” with colouring books, play-doh, and calm music. Is this what higher education is supposed to be?

The only denomination of sexual assault that is increasing, is in same sex cases. According to Breitbart News, “45% of lesbians have been victim of at least one act of violence perpetrated by a female partner and that 30% have reported sexual assault or rape by another woman”. Heather Barwick, a former gay-marriage advocate, children’s rights activist, and women raised by two females, believes that children of same sex couples are suffering. In her confessional “Dear Gay Community: Your Kids Are Hurting”, she discusses the higher rates of domestic abuse, the rates of emotional distress in children of same sex parents, and the first-hand experience of growing up in a same sex household.

Criminals and rapists are rightfully despised, and there are strict laws in place that punishes those guilty of rape and sexual assault. Despite rape being a serious issue, there is simply no evidence of a campus rape epidemic in the United States. In fact, quite the opposite has been demonstrated by statistics. The ‘1 in 5’ myth created by Social Justice Warriors, is simply that; a myth.


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