No women, I do not hate you. However, this narrative that the regressive left and third wave feminists have been feeding you is a lie: The wage gap is not real and has been debunked by every credible economist out there, including reputable feminist Christina Hoff Sommers. There is an income gap between men and women, there’s no debating that. Men, on average, make approximately $8,000 more than women annually directly after graduating college/university. In Canada, the US, the UK, or any other developed first world country, it is illegal to pay women less than men for doing the same work with the same level of experience. If women were being discriminated against in the workplace by as much as 30 cents for every dollar every hour, as many feminists claim, these corporations could easily be prosecuted, and they would lose big. According to the U.S. Department of Educations National Center For Education Statistics, women make 18% less than men. Now, this doesn’t mean that they are paid 18 cents less on the dollar than men per hour; there are many reasons why this gap in earnings exists, and it has absolutely nothing to do with a wage discrepancy between men and women within the same occupation.

The wage gap myth fails the common sense test. Why would companies hire men over women when, allegedly, women are 27 cents per dollar per hour cheaper than men? With large multinational corporations, the price of hiring males over females at this extra cost would add up quickly, costing them millions upon millions of dollars annually just to hire men for no apparent reason. If women and men can do the same job just as well, it simply makes no sense to waste that kind of money. Any human resources manager or company economist worth their salt would quickly take advantage of this and strictly hire women in order to save their company countless dollars. The victim narrative that the wage gap myth perpetuates simply isn’t true, there is no vendetta against women in Canada nor America and it’s about time we stopped acting as if there were. But don’t just take my word for it, take Christina Hoff Sommer’s.

Aside from common sense, there are countless other reasons that discredit the wage gap theory, an example of this being the types of degrees men and women tend to study.

When given the choice, most women tend to get degrees in the arts rather than anything else. Women make up 67% of the people who receive Bachelor of Arts degrees in the United States. Meanwhile, men are more inclined to get a job in the STEM fields (maths/sciences/engineering), which pay considerably higher wages directly after graduating college when compared to those with an Arts degree. In Northern America and Western Europe, where women have the most rights out of anywhere else on the planet, the average percentage of women in STEM fields is a mere 32%. In third world countries such as Myanmar in Southeast Asia where women don’t have as many rights and privileges and are treated as second class citizens when compared to men (Myanmar ranks 96 out of 146 countries in the gender equality index run by the United Nations), the amount of women in STEM fields is a whopping 86%.

The primary reason that there is gap in earnings between men and women is the choices that we each make when it comes to furthering our education. The only way to effectively get rid of this “wage gap” would be to force women into taking majors in college and university that they generally don’t want too. This is a very authoritarian and frightening way to go about things and I certainly don’t want to live in a society where we don’t even have the choice to decide our career. I know my mother wouldn’t have appreciated being forced into a career as a research scientist when her passion was in religious studies. Sadly, regressive liberals and third wave feminists alike are forcing this agenda of pseudo-equality.

Another reason for the income gap between genders is the fact that women take more time off work than men, this is primarily in the form of maternity leave. In Canada, maternity leave lasts between 17 and 52 weeks, the majority of this time off is taken by women. Canada’s fertility rate is 1.61 births per woman and when the average wage of a Canadian is $49,000 annually, it significantly contributes to the income gap between the genders.

Often times when feminists show me statistics of the wage gap between genders, they report that women make 30 cents less than men for every dollar made and hour worked. All of their sources average out the incomes of both genders. It’s impossible to prove the existence of the wage gap with an average because there are far too many factors that these sources are ignoring. They don’t take into consideration the experience of the workers, extended maternity leave or, the total hours worked (Men tend to work more overtime than women) between the genders as well as various other components that are left out purposefully. Another argument that I am confronted with is sources that show specific jobs where women make less than men. Again, these are averages and ignore overtime worked, experience, and maternity leave. Playing devil’s advocate, if these sources proved to be accurate and men genuinely were paid more than women in certain jobs, this still doesn’t prove the wage gap as there are many jobs where women are paid more than men. That certainly doesn’t prove that there is a “wage gap” against men. See this article on jobs where women make more than men.  Then, the last argument that I am confronted with by regressive liberals and third wave feminists alike is that I am a white man and extremely privileged and have no business commenting on the wage gap because I have no first hand experience being a woman. I simply don’t understand the struggles that  women in North America face. This would be a valid point if women like Christina Hoff Sommers weren’t invalidating the wage gap while simultaneously being a woman, she has first hand experience as a female and still rejects the notion altogether. See this article on Christina herself debunking the wage gap myth.  Regarding my privilege, if these feminists had done any research at all they would know that Asians have the most privilege of all in Western society.

Overall, the wage gap is the result of statistics that are skewed in order to fit the regressive left & third wave feminists victim narrative. When you apply all of the factors that I listed above to the “wage gap” that is originally proposed, it narrows to a few cents. Which I agree is a problem, women making 97 cents for every dollar that a man makes is unfair, however, it pales in comparison to the 73 cent figure that is thrown about by these ill informed bigots. It’s time we stop spreading bullshit and focus on the facts, these fictitious statistics are scaring women and quite understandably pissing them off, inadvertently spreading misandry. We are a lot closer to equality than third wave feminists & regressive liberals would like you to think. Don’t believe everything you hear. Take a good, hard look at the facts and make a decision for yourself.


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